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Commercial Propane Delivery and Patio Heater Service

Welcome to Patio Propane, Arizona’s dependable resource for reliable, economical and trusted commercial propane delivery and patio heater services to your restaurant or business. We pride ourselves with over 30 years’ experience in providing:

  • Propane cylinder fuel sales
  • Propane cylinder fuel delivery
  • Propane heater maintenance, repair & storage
  • Leased patio heating equipment
  • Exceptional & reliable customer service

Don’t let your restaurant or business fail your esteemed patrons or customers by running out of propane. Let Patio Propane offer you an entire solution with our suite of services that include; propane cylinder fuel delivery, leased equipment, service and maintenance of patio heaters backed by our exceptional customer service. This will give you peace of mind in knowing you have an extended solution that requires little management on your part, allowing you more time to focus on daily operations.


The Top Patio Heating Equipment You Need & Customers Desire

Different businesses, restaurants and events require an array of logistics when it comes to patio heaters. From patio heater placement to re-fueling while ensuring your patrons or customers are not left out in the cold, there is a lot of time management needed to find efficiency. At Patio Propane, we not only provide you with the very best & "Arizona durable” equipment you might need, but we can also work with you in identifying what equipment you need to maximize a comfortable environment your customers and employees will enjoy. Whether you have a restaurant patio and need assistance in determining how much propane and how many heaters are required to keep it warm, or if you cook with propane grills. Let’s not forget the many customers we serve whom have outdoor commercial propane grills, patio fire tables, portable fire torches, propane powered gas fire pits, and other outdoor patio propane equipment that requires propane cylinder tanks. Patio Propane will help you better understand how much propane is needed to keep the equipment running throughout the day month over month. We can stop by your facility and inspect the property and walk you through recommendations and proposals. We take the time to meticulously go through your needs and develop the best solution for your professional operation while extending you the peace of mind you need to better serve your staff and customers.


Propane Delivered to Your Business

Using propane is a cost efficient and effective way to operate your business whether you are a restaurant, retail, or general business. Patio Propane is recognized for our economical solutions by delivering propane cylinder gas and patio heater service to businesses across the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our services come fully backed with over 30 years of customer satisfaction & support. Whatever your needs are, we can deliver the propane fuel to you. Having to take time to do this yourself is a tedious task. We understand the logistics needed to maximize your business bottom line and our transportation meets all regulated safety criteria. Our propane cylinder sales and delivery experts are knowledgeable and well trained with a commitment to professionally delivering you with timely propane service.

  • Delivering propane gas and patio heater service to your business
  • Professional replacement, installation and transportation
  • Dependable service delivery

Patio Heater Maintenance and Service You Need

From time to time, issues can come up with patio heater equipment, especially over time. Of course, this is something you need to take seriously, which is why Patio Propane offers maintenance and leasing options for all your patio heater equipment requirements. We want to make sure all of your equipment is running at optimum performance. This way you can keep your patio warm and your customers happy while you ring up the profits.

We provide full service on patio heater equipment before leasing it out to customers. We double-check every component to maintain the highest level of working order. After long extended use of the equipment, be it at your restaurant or place of business it might start to run into trouble. If there is an issue with any hardware you lease from us we will send out one of our expert technicians to work on the issue and get it fixed or replaced. If it is a more serious issue or if it requires extended labor to correct the problem, we will give you a new piece of equipment and take the faulty mechanics back. There is no reason why you should deal with faulty equipment or hardware, which costs you more money to work.


Convenient Storage for Your Patio Propane Needs

Some of Patio Propane’s biggest benefits are the time, convenience and most importantly, cost savings. We offer storage services over the summer or any time throughout the year when you lease our state of the art equipment from Patio Propane. We can and will come distribute and or remove our patio heaters at your request. If you don't need the propane heaters for any length of time, we'll pick all the equipment up without a problem. All of our equipment is inspected and up to code and we will perform any maintenance that the propane equipment requires. The fall & winter seasons tend to pick up and we will deliver the heaters already serviced and ready again for your business patio and customers to enjoy.

At Patio Propane, we are here to help service you, whether you are in need of patio heaters, propane or other equipment associated with it. So, whether you have a question about our services, are interested in setting up an account or want to talk about anything else related to propane, give us a call or send us an email. We are here to give you the highest quality propane service around.

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A Warm Patio... Means Hot Profits

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